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Local Liberty Project

Liberty Or Else is a movement of natural human rights advocates who are uniting with allies to stand up for our rights and liberties.


We are a grassroots organization that doesn't need to ask the government for permission to exist.


We provide awareness and education to our members and the public through rallies, events, protests, and community outreach. We have gone to multiple state capitols, courts, sheriff departments, etc to advocate for what is ours, our individual liberties.


Our mission is to empower people to take a stand for their rights and fight for freedom. Join us today and become part of the movement.

At Natural Human Rights Advocates, we believe that everyone should have access to basic human rights. We are dedicated to protecting and advocating for these rights through fundraising campaigns. With your help, we can continue to promote our mission and keep fighting for our freedoms.

Your donations will help us to raise awareness, fund campaigns, and support our staff in their work. Your generosity will make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

We are so thankful for any contribution, no matter how big or small. Every dollar counts and helps us to continue our mission. We are thrilled and grateful for any help to keep this crucial mission going. Everyone here will forever appreciate your selfless act that allows us to keep fighting and protecting our freedom

Liberty Or Else is a Natural Human Rights Advocates organization dedicated to protecting the unalienable rights of all people.


They have recently started several projects to help communities get started locally in protecting their rights. Everyone must protect their communities from tyrannical rule and Liberty Or Else is here to help.


Explore more about their projects and what they are doing to help communities protect their rights.

We believe that everyone has an inherent right to be treated fairly and with respect. We strive to ensure that the rights of every person are not only recognized but also defended. Our mission is to empower individuals to protect their rights and those of their community.

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