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Breaking Barriers: Javier Milei Earns Spot in Argentina's Presidential Run-Offs

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Yesterday's Presidential Election in Argentina had a unique front-runner: a Libertarian Candidate. The country's citizens are frustrated with the negative consequences that Socialism has brought about, and many are hopeful that the Libertarian candidate will bring about change. This election has caught the attention of Libertarians worldwide, particularly in the United States.

It has become increasingly apparent that many citizens in the United States have recognized the adoption of some aspects of Socialism in our country. However, despite this realization, many people seem reluctant to change their local, state, and federal voting behavior. Their decisions often stem from fear and apprehension rather than a genuine desire to support a particular political ideology. This habitual pattern typically involves voting against the Republican or Democratic Party while disregarding alternative options.

(Anibal Greco/Newscom)

Recent surveys have indicated a growing discontent with the current political landscape as more people desire change. This sentiment has elevated the support for independent candidates and third-party representatives.

The general populace has come to acknowledge that the Democratic and Republican administrations have perpetuated a cycle of never-ending wars, which receive significant financial backing from the government and lead to a substantial national debt. Furthermore, concerns have also been raised regarding the infringement upon our essential human rights. Additionally, it has become evident that the government is adept at extracting money from citizens through various means yet often fails to allocate those resources effectively to address the needs and concerns of the people they represent. People have gotten to a point where we don't want to give the government another dime.

This is what happened in Argentina. Why are Americans waiting to act? Are we going to wait until we are all in poverty and starving like the people in Argentina? Watch this video posted by Channel 4 News to hear why even the people living in poverty in Argentina back Javier Milei.

Who is Javier Milei?

He is a Libertarian Presidential Candidate in Argentina. Javier Milei, a proponent of free-market policies and a political newcomer, had taken the lead in the race for Argentina's presidential election on October 22nd after his outstanding victory in the August primary. It's essential to understand who Milei is and why this election matters for Argentina and the rest of the world.

Milei is an economist, TV personality, and follower of libertarianism, a political philosophy that advocates minimal state economic intervention. However, media outlets, like "The Guardian," have mislabeled Milei's ideology and compared him to far-right populists like former US President Donald Trump, who is an authoritarian and doesn't believe in individual liberties. The Republican party, frequently associated with Trump, is also not aligned with libertarianism, as it is a strict party. Some conservatives have tried to claim Milei as their own, but he doesn't align with their ideology. Although I do categorize him as a Libertarian, I believe he is in a lane of his own and will be paying attention to his actions if he wins this election.

It's important to note that Trump has put his name on multiple pieces of legislation that violated individual rights and is not representative of the libertarian spectrum. It's crucial to understand the differences between political ideologies and not mislabel or misrepresent individuals and their beliefs.

Milei is an economist with specialized knowledge of the Austrian School of Economics principles. He came from a background of classical liberal thought in Argentina. He was mentored by the esteemed economist Alberto Benegas Lynch. Benegas Lynch's father founded the Center for Liberty Studies in Buenos Aires in the 1950s, where renowned scholars such as Ludwig von Mises lectured.

Argentina has established a sophisticated network of free-market think tanks in Latin America. Although their influence may not have been apparent until recently, Milei referenced Benegas Lynch in his victory speech during the primaries to illustrate the fundamental principles of his guiding philosophy to the country:

"Classical liberalism is the unrestricted respect for one's neighbor's life plan, based on the non-aggression principle and the defense of the right to life, liberty, and property. The institutions are private property, markets that are free of state intervention, competition in terms of the free entry [to] and exit [from markets], the division of labor, and social cooperation, in which it is only possible to be successful by serving one's neighbors with goods of better quality or a better price, and where the results are evident because the free countries are eight times richer than those that are oppressed."

Javier Milei will join Massa in the run-offs in November to decide if people are buying what Javier Milei is selling and are ready to go with something different.

It's possible that not all Libertarians in America agree with Javier Milei's beliefs, and some may not even see him as a pure libertarian. However, that's perfectly fine.

What we can be excited about is the prospect of hope. Although the United States is significantly larger than Argentina, it's important to remember that Argentina is still larger than every state in this country. This means that we have the potential to make significant changes at the local level to protect individual liberties. We can do things our way.

The federal level of government is constantly under scrutiny, while the states can often get away with violating our rights just as much, if not more. It is important for people to pay attention to their state's legislature, executive, and judicial branches of government, as well as their bureaucrats. This way, they will be more focused on the 9th Amendment rather than the 10th. I strongly recommend you all grab a free copy of "Vices, Crimes, and The Pursuit of Happiness" and read it. Share it with your friends and family, and educate your community about our rights and liberties. The government has little or no authority to rule over us arbitrarily. They rarely ask for our consent for most of the decisions they make.

We must refuse to sit back and watch as our rights are trampled on by politicians who violate the Constitution. It's time to stop defending those who create and enforce laws that infringe upon our freedoms. We demand better, and we will not settle for anything less. Join Liberty Or Else today and become a part of the movement that challenges the authority of our local government officials. We will not be ruled by politicians who forget that they are here to serve us. And if they refuse to listen, we will exercise our inalienable right to alter, reform, or abolish our government whenever and however we see fit.

If you believe in the mission of Liberty Or Else and would like to help us continue our fight for liberty and spread our message, please consider making a voluntary monthly contribution.

Thank you.

Doni Anthony (Doni The Don)

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