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Running on Empty: The US Media's Blind Eye to Biden's Mental Decline

Amidst the glare of the political stage, a critical concern looms ignored mainly by the US Media – President Joe Biden's mental decline.

Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, has daringly raised the question that many are hesitant to explore.

In a gripping interview with Rory Suchet of RT News, she highlighted perplexing instances where Biden faltered with questions and struggled to grasp crucial information, leaving us pondering the actual state of his consciousness.

One particular incident shook the nation's confidence when Biden, amid a speech, seemed oblivious to the passing of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski in a tragic car crash just weeks before. Zakharova's words resonated deeply, hinting that such lapses may only be the tip of the iceberg – a chilling thought that demands attention.

Could it be that behind the polished facade of public appearances lies a more profound and unsettling reality?

Zakharova warned that those around him must carefully manage his actions in the public eye, hinting at potential hidden troubles within private settings.

Yet, even with his vast political experience, questions arise about the sharpness of Biden's mind. Wisdom, it seems, does not always accompany age, just as folly doesn't discriminate against the young and physically fit. The boundary between brilliance and confusion seems increasingly blurred, leaving us to question the future of America's leadership.

As debates rage on, Biden's supporters remain staunch, brushing aside concerns over his ability to seek re-election and serve a second term. But can we ignore the weight of these uncertainties, especially with the looming prospect of an 86-year-old at the helm?

In this pivotal moment of history, we're confronted with more than just a political debate – it's a profound examination of mental understanding, age, and the essence of leadership. It beckons us to delve beyond political lines and face the uncharted territory of a president's mental health.

Doni Anthony (Doni The Don)

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