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Vices, Crimes, and The Pursuit of Happiness is OUT TODAY

This is the beginning of Vices, Crimes, and The Pursuit of Happiness. The rest delves into the differences between the two and the government intentionally ignoring the 9th Amendment to illegally rule over us arbitrarily. They get away with this because we don't enforce our rights with guns like the state does with its laws.

It's time to change that, starting at the local level.

On September 17, 1787, the United States Constitution emerged, laying the foundation of a young nation. However, it wasn't until December 15, 1791, that the Bill of Rights was woven into the fabric of the Constitution, adding a layer of protection for individual liberties. Yet, what followed was a swift descent into a troubling tyranny in states like Pennsylvania, which soon began exploiting the government's power, using it to impose personal beliefs on unwilling individuals, violating the very essence of the Bill of Rights.

1794 Act for the Prevention of Vice and Immorality

About three years later, the State of Pennsylvania created and began enforcing the "1794 Act for the Prevention of Vice and Immorality".

Which could be classified as a "Moral Reform Movement." These reformers were convinced that they had an obligation to save their fellow man because they saw themselves as the guardians of humanity and the stewards of society. They attempted to bring America into the heavenly fold by eliminating beliefs and practices they considered immoral and corrupt.

The intense passion of religious enthusiasts and the statements made by moral advocates had some impact on the lawmakers in Pennsylvania. This influence played a role in creating the 1794 Act for the Prevention of Vice and Immorality. This law made it illegal to engage in "worldly activities" or any form of entertainment on Sundays. It also banned various activities like cockfighting, playing cards, dice, billiards, bowling, shuffle boarding, horse racing, and other forms of gambling

It punished activities like games, hunting, shooting, and other pastimes against the law. Section V of the 1794 Act made it illegal to participate in cock-fighting for money and to promote or encourage cock-fighting through betting. It also prohibited playing games like cards, dice, billiards, bowls, shuffleboards, or games involving chance or skill for money or valuable items.

Once more, it's essential to recognize that the prohibition is against gambling, not the activity in question. The fine for engaging in any of these actions was $3.00. However, if the same actions were performed on a Sunday, the fine was increased to $4.00. Additionally, a penalty of $20.00 was imposed on anyone who involved a horse, mare, or gelding in races or competitions for prizes, bets, money, or valuable items.

These were the games or sports that were considered "unlawful," whether played on Sunday or any other day. Shooting was only labeled as unlawful on Sundays, and even then, it was only if it involved gambling or betting for money.

Furthermore, they aimed to take legal action against farmers who sold their products on Sundays in markets or by the roadsides within this region. All types of factories, along with the workers employed by them, were subject to legal action for operating and working on Sundays, except for the essential activities needed for basic maintenance.

Even after the Constitution's birth, the states and local governments have legislated morality on individuals. Non-government-approved gambling is still illegal in most states or either highly regulated or run by the states themselves. Cockfighting was once considered a sport or "vice" because of gambling. Still, it is now considered a crime under animal cruelty. It is punished as a felony in many states, and they are trying to pass harsher punishments on it today.

The United States Government and its states dare to initiate violence against the rights of persons and their property by using...

It's going to take us taking action locally to really accomplish enforcing our liberties, rights, and our freedoms. It starts with educating ourselves and our communities consistently. The change begins with us first. Help us get the word out to as many people as possible. Our rights die with our inaction.

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