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Climate Change or The Government?


Senator Pell on FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 1974:

"This morning, the Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment is meeting to hear testimony concerning the need for an international agreement prohibiting the use of environmental modification and geophysical modification as weapons of war."

There are accounts on Twitter "Breaking News" that the military has admitted to controlling the weather. Well, that information has been out for quite a while. Still, while everyone is paying attention to what our government has been doing, let's provide some resources supporting the assertion that the government modifies the weather.

I'm not sure who convinced people in the country that this was just a conspiracy theory when Congress has had scheduled sessions to discuss and create policies for Weather Modification. This is very real, and more people should have the government under a magnifying glass, with these practices taking place across the globe.

Liberty Or Else is discussing this because I have brought this up several times and was called a conspiracy theorist. Whenever I see severe weather storms, tornados, or hurricanes being brought up after discovering information about the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), I ask myself, "Is this natural disaster an act of God or manufactured?"

And what about climate change? Who is to say the government isn't trying to create the problem themselves and wants us to pay for it and follow their policies for things like the "Green New Deal"?

Everyone should be asking these questions and pay attention to the timing of when these disasters occur and how the government replies to them. We shouldn't have to do this, but unfortunately, evil people run our government.

Speaking of hurricanes and tornados. Let's jump aboard the Liberty Or Else Time Capsule. Our destination is 90TH CONGRESS FIRST SESSION on October 31 AND NOVEMBER 7, 1967.

According to Sec. 201:

"The Secretary of Commerce is authorized to carry out a comprehensive program in the field of weather modification. Which shall include a specific program designed to "control or modify tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe storms."

The Secretary of Commerce would be vested with rule-making power. So, another department is given authority outside the United States Constitution, and another department must be abolished.

I want to note the U.S. Census Bureau, which tracks how many humans live in specific demographics, also falls under the Department of Commerce. Who else in our government has jurisdiction over weather modification?

"Based on a Congressional finding that it is the policy of the United States to develop, encourage, and maintain a comprehensive and coordinated program of weather modification, H.R. 9212 would authorize the Secretaries of Commerce, Interior, Agriculture, Health, Education, and Welfare, the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Agency and the National Science Foundation to conduct activities in the field of weather modification, including measures to control or modify tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe storms. The President would be charged with the direction and coordination of the program."

The President at that time was Lyndon B. Johnson. Folks, everyone should be mindful of who controls this potential weapon with this information being presented to you all. Lives may have already been lost for putting the wrong President in charge of this science. No evil person should ever have control over this program. So, when you go to the ballot box in 2024, look up everyone running for office and ask yourself if you would trust them with this technology. I don't trust Democrats or Republicans with it. I doubt they would eliminate it—another reason to leave the tyrannical duopoly alone.

Let's move on to the military. As you read previously, this technology was never supposed to be used as a weapon of war. So why is the military using it? That violates the treaty from 93rd CONGRESS 1st Session S.RES.71.

According to Air University Press Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, in March of 1997, this was stated in their study:

"Weather modification is a technology once embraced by the United States (U.S.) military as a tool to help both wartime and peacetime missions. However, interest in the ability to modify weather has waned over recent years and is now nearly nonexistent. This study examines one aspect of weather modification, benign weather modification (BWM), for possible use in assisting military operations. After briefly reviewing the history and science of weather modification, this thesis bounds the aspects of weather modification being addressed. It then describes barriers to BWM, showing how they affect current weather modification policy in the military. Examples are shown of current civilian BWM techniques, their possible use by the military, and some military-unique needs for weather modification. After examining current weather modification and projected future BWM technology, the author concludes that military BWM use deserves another look. Increased reliance on precision-guided munitions makes BWM a possible new tool in ensuring accurate targeting with minimal collateral damage. In addition, BWM offers the war planner a means to dictate battle space elements at a critical point in a conflict. At a minimum, the U.S. military should conduct a more in-depth review of weather modification to see if technological advances offer opportunities for more "bang for the buck."

This study will claim that the military doesn't use weather modification nearly as much as it did in the past, but I don't believe it. Dig into this more; don't just take my word for it. If you want me to keep covering this topic, subscribe, share, and support my work. I will do more digging, but I need to know you all dig it too.

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