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Every State in America Needs A Javier Milei

Too often, individuals in America express their desire for individual liberty yet fail to realize that they often turn to the two major authoritarian parties to fight for their rights. They fall for the "rhetoric of liberty and justice for all" but ignore the inaction to preserve the two.

The two major parties have made it clear for over a century they have no interest and utilizing the government to protect our natural human rights. Both parties have decided their ambitious agendas trump enforcing the Bill of Rights in this country, which we discussed yesterday <here>.

They both weaponize the government to arbitrarily force their will on the American people without their consent.

Instead of upholding the principles of freedom and protecting the rights of every American, both parties have chosen to wield the government as a cudgel against we the people. This blatant disregard for the fundamental principles of natural human liberties and individual freedom should make us pause and think about our future decisions to overthrow the tyrannical duopoly. It is time for Americans to question their status quo and demand better. We must recognize that the two major parties are not safeguarding our individual liberties.

We must seek alternative avenues that prioritize protecting our inherent rights rather than pushing their respective agendas. By breaking away from the traditional mindset and exploring alternative options, we can ensure that our voices are genuinely heard and respected.

It is imperative to support and promote politicians and parties that prioritize the enforcement of the Bill of Rights and work towards preserving our individual liberties. Let us not be complacent in our pursuit of liberty. It is time to empower ourselves by seeking representation that shares our values and actively works towards protecting our rights. Only then can we truly achieve the individual liberty that belongs to us.

Let's talk about the Libertarian candidate in Argentina, Javier Milei, and his performance in the National Presidential race for 2023.

Why is this election important to this discussion?

Javier Milei is a top-three contender for president, running with the La Libertad Avanza coalition. Milei identifies as a Libertarian and Austrian Economics advocate. There is a bunch of excitement in Argentina to have someone different. The people in that country recognize the damage done to them by the government; under the other predominate parties' rule, they are coming out in numbers to support a non-authoritarian figure for president.

The naysayers and fearmongers, who make decisions based on fear over logic, have been influencing and shaming people who will not support either of their authoritarian regimes regardless of whether the candidate is a good liar or not, were wrong and always have been. The days of being led by cowards only to be led into involuntary servitude to an authoritarian government system need to end NOW.

With their illogical and misguided thinking, the naysayers and fearmongers have long exploited and shamed those who refuse to endorse their authoritarian regimes. They care not for truth or reason but only for their own personal gain.

But we will not be fooled any longer!

Their attempts to manipulate us into submission, regardless of a candidate's lack of integrity or deceitfulness, sound a lot like siding with evil to me.

We can rise above their toxic influence and end their cowardly "leadership." The days of being led astray and forced into servitude under an oppressive government must end abruptly and persistently. No longer shall we tolerate being pawns in their power-hungry games. We will no longer bow down to their false promises and manipulative tactics.

It is time for authentic leadership guided by principles, logic, and a desire for the greater good of individuals. We need someone like Javier Milei in every state in this country. Let's hit on some points: getting our country back from the corrupt two-party isn't impossible if we start at the state level.

There are around 46 Million people in the country of Argentina.

The most populated states in America are smaller than Argentina: California: 40M Texas: 30M Flordia: 22M New York: 20M


We can accomplish this in the States. Let's use Texas as an example.

In the 2022 Texas Governor election voting results: Republican Greg Abbott 4.4M Democrat Beto O'Rourke 3.6M Libertarian Mark Tippetts 81,932 Green Party Deliah Barrios 28,584

There were 17,672,143 Registered Voters in Texas in 2022. The Voting Age Population was 21,866,700. 8,102,908 people came out to vote in 2022.

Do you see where I'm going yet?

Greg Abbott won with 4.4M votes out of the 21,866,700 voting population.

We need genuine grassroots liberty-focused movements in every state right now. We can find the people who are already helping other people fight the system and help them build allies with all the groups the government has oppressed. We can build a massive movement that regular folks can get behind and already know the work these folks have put into defending their natural human rights before the next election cycle.

Each state's version of the "Liberty Or Else" movement can focus on the central issues people care about:

Property Rights Taxes Removing government interference from our social and economic decisions. Defending Natural Human Rights

Most folks can get behind and support those issues. No more focusing on the bull crap propaganda issues team Blue and Red produce. Focus on what people actually care about in their everyday lives.

You've seen a few pictures of what Milei and his team have accomplished in Argentina. Look into the man with the chainsaw and sideburns, ready to tear it all down, and the people are all in for it.

We can do the same or even more in our states in America. Even if, for some reason, he doesn't win that election. He's top three and in close percentage range to the other candidates as a Libertarian. That should light a fire in each and every liberty-minded person's belly. After all, if Milei can gain this level of success in Argentina, what's stopping liberty-loving folks like us from doing the same in states like Texas, New Hampshire, Alabama, and others?

I'm all in.

What you have to ask yourself are you willing to join us and get this Liberty or Else Movement started?!

It takes more than elections to bring liberty to America. Still, it's only one tiny solution to our states' massive issue of tyranny.

Now, it's time to make our voices heard, resounding with defiance and determination. Let our refusal to conform to the two regimes' warped ideals inspire others to break free from the shackles of their fear-driven decision-making.

Together, we can forge a new path, one that reflects the values of freedom, honesty, and justice. The time for change is upon us. We must reject the oppressive grip of these authoritarian regimes and reclaim our autonomy. Let us empower ourselves and each other, standing firm against the tide of authoritarianism until the very foundations of their control crumble beneath our feet.

The naysayers and fearmongers may continue their futile attempts to silence and shame us, but they will ultimately fail. Their reign of intimidation and misinformation will be exposed for what it truly is: a desperate last stand against progress and liberty.

So raise your voices and cast aside the chains of fear. Together, we will build a future untainted by the oppressive influence of cowardly leaders. Now is the time for boldness and resilience. Let us reclaim our sovereignty and shape a world that champions liberty, logic, truth, and freedom for all.

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Doni Anthony (Doni The Don)

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