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Keep Calm And Start A Revolution

There is a storm brewing in every individual that desires complete autonomy over themselves, a barrage of revolution that will shake the very foundations of our society. A storm will come when the minds and hearts of the people lie not with the state but within themselves.

For generations, we have allowed our governments to dictate our actions, what we consume, beliefs, values, and even our identities. We have become slaves to a system that wishes to see us dead before we are free, cogs in a machine that only serves the interests of the privileged few. But this needs to stop now!

It is time for us to take back control of our own lives, to reclaim our autonomy and our humanity. We must free our minds and hearts from the shackles of the state and look inward for the answers we seek. Only then can we truly understand ourselves and our place in this world. So I implore you, liberty-focused friends, to join us in this revolutionary movement.

Looking back on history, we can see that countless revolutionaries have attempted to create change peacefully, only to be met with violence and oppression from those in power. This leads us to an undeniable truth: those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. It is only natural for people to reject tyranny and oppression and demand the fundamental human rights that are rightfully theirs. When these demands are met with indifference or violence, peaceful protesters have little choice but to take more drastic measures.

When the oppressed people are denied their fundamental human rights, their dignity, and their very existence are threatened, it is natural that they will defend themselves, their survival, and their freedom. If you read World's Governments Plot To Kill Us All (Part 1) yesterday, you'll know what I'm referring to, and Part 2 will be coming out very soon.

But we must not let this happen. We must not let our world descend into chaos and violence. Instead, we must stand for our individual liberties, justice, and peace. When we are not free, we are not at peace. We must demand that those in power listen to the voices of the people and rid us of our system of the arbitrary ruling class, or they are on the side of evil. There is no justification for stealing people's rights away.

We must understand and articulate the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in today with our communities and become activated.

Every city council, county commissioners court, and state legislatures meeting needs to have as many liberty-focused folks there as possible to tell these corrupt politicians, "WE DO NOT CONSENT TO YOUR ARBITRARY RULE, AND WE WILL NO LONGER BE FUNDING IT."

Your police, court systems, prosecuting attorney offices, and sheriff departments depend on you for survival. If they do not discontinue the unconstitutional practice of policing for profit, they need to cease to exist and be replaced with a natural justice system that defends our natural human rights. We need a system that isn't monopolized by the bar association, one that respects that people are innocent until proven guilty, and that doesn't expand the "legal" slave trade but abolishes it.

But, unfortunately, we must acknowledge that such a world is still far from our grasp. And the reason for this is simple - the humans in power are refusing to listen to the peaceful demands of the oppressed. Those in power believe our existence is a national security threat. And have population control policies in place to control us. Our numbers terrify them.

Why not use that to our advantage?

Stand with us against the tyranny of the state, and embrace the power that lies within us all. Let us come together and demand that these humans cut it out or get the hell out of our way. We're tired and fed up with these masters we never asked for... Let us work towards a future where justice and liberty are the norm in our communities, not the exception. Only then can we genuinely claim to have built a peaceful world for everyone to enjoy their lives, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness.

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