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Why The Idea of Unlimited Authority for Congress and State Legislators is a Myth

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

What power do Congress and State Legislatures have to create laws that contradict the principles of natural justice and the law of nature? These laws are forced upon the American people, who are then coerced to comply under the threat of punishment, often involving the use of violent force.

American citizens are entitled to laws that reflect natural justice and the principles of the law of nature. Congress and State Legislatures need to be held accountable for creating laws that contradict these principles and that are enforced through coercive means, including the use of violent force. It is imperative that these issues be addressed and resolved in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of all citizens.

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The State believes that Congress and State Legislatures possess some right of arbitrary dominion over the people of the United States. Arbitrary authority violates natural law, justice, and individual rights.

It is unequivocally false to assume that the state has any right to create laws that contradict the natural law, which cannot be altered or amended. The state has no authority whatsoever to enforce laws upon the people of the United States, or any of them, against their will other than the natural law.

I would like to bring to your attention a significant fact that is often disregarded - no individual has the authority to transfer or relinquish their right to exercise complete control over themselves. The concept of one human being surrendering themselves as a slave to another is fundamentally opposed to the core principles of human liberty and self-respect.

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How it can be reasonable or even remotely acceptable for people to willingly give up their autonomy and self-governance? This notion goes against the fundamental principles of human rights and personal sovereignty. Therefore, any agreement intended to establish such a relationship is not only absurd but also invalid.

It's impossible to legitimize an agreement that involves surrendering one's freedom, no matter how grandiose the title it may have, whether it be a "constitution" or any other designation. Every individual has an inherent right to self-determination and freedom. These rights can't be transferred or given away, even by one's own consent.

They are the very essence of our humanity and must be safeguarded at all times.

We shouldn't be deceived by propaganda, manipulation of words, or the appeal of power. We should always keep in mind that no one can delegate or give away their right to arbitrary dominion over themselves. That's an unalterable and undeniable truth.

For the past 234 years, Congress has been creating numerous laws that the general public has never read or seen and is unlikely ever to comprehend. Congress has never made it mandatory for citizens to read the laws they pass, as they know that the burden would be too much to bear. If they had enforced this, people would either revolt against the government or flee the country to escape it.

However, despite not requiring the public to read these laws, Congress expects everyone to obey them under threat of force. This is morally, legally, and politically wrong. Additionally, Congress claims that the Constitution allows them to impose such a government on the people, which it doesn't. Find out why with your free copy of "Vices, Crimes, and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Why are we allowing such a system of arbitrary and irresponsible control over the lives, liberties, and properties of millions of people to be justified? How can anyone, let alone the government, act genuinely as a "legislator" under the Constitution of the United States?

What color of truth does the government or anyone else have to act as a "legislator" under the Constitution of the United States and yet be considered an honest human?

Are you ready to start limiting your state legislators' authority and motivated for major changes?

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If you said YES, be sure to grab your free copy of "Vices, Crimes, and The Pursuit of Happiness:

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