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PETA Wants To Indoctrinate Your Kids

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

PETA's TeachKind program is designed to promote humane education in classrooms. The program offers a K-12 curriculum at no cost to teachers and includes various educational materials such as coloring books, stickers, booklets on veganism, and anti-animal agriculture propaganda. You might think that your child's teacher would never allow such propaganda in their classroom, but the truth is that teachers across schools, both private and public, are using this program to influence your child's thinking without your knowledge.

The animal liberation organization PETA has been known to use controversial tactics, including Holocaust comparisons and nude demonstrations, to promote their cause. Parents may be concerned to learn that PETA has launched campaigns targeting children of all ages.

PETA has faced criticism for its controversial tactics, particularly when it comes to targeting children with harmful and inappropriate messaging. In the past, the organization has resorted to body shaming to convince kids to adopt vegan diets. For instance, they created a trading card featuring "Tubby Tammy," implying that she struggled to fit into her pants because she ate chicken.

Furthermore, PETA has even developed a sexually suggestive video game for children titled "Breasts or Bunnies." It is concerning that an organization that claims to advocate for animal welfare would exploit minors in such a manner.

Despite the backlash it has faced, PETA continues to target children today. Here are four methods that the organization employs:

Students Opposing Speciesism

SOS is an organization backed by PETA that encourages students between the ages of 13 and 24 to participate in activism and demonstrations against human supremacy.

PETA's Save Our Students (SOS) campaign has launched several initiatives in schools nationwide. One of the campaigns aims to replace dissection lessons on frogs with toy dissection, while another demands vegan school lunches in cafeterias. PETA staff also offer virtual classes directly in classrooms. SOS provides students with "Anti-Speciesism Starter Packs" to distribute at schools and offers one-on-one help or interviews to assist them with their homework.

SOS has several ongoing campaigns, including encouraging students to protest inside Starbucks against the company's charging extra for milk alternatives. There have been numerous arrests at recent Starbucks protests.

Another campaign urges students to confront their peers who are members of FFA to discourage animal agriculture, writing, "The only way to ensure that animals aren't subjected to acts of violence in schools is by not having them on campus to begin with. If you're a member of FFA or another animal agriculture program, please quit, go vegan, and speak out against speciesism."


PETA Kids is targeted at children under the age of 13. The website has information for both children and parents on how to be activists.

Children are incentivized to plan and accomplish 12 different activism goals to obtain a PETA Kids membership card. PETA Kids is more about indoctrination than activism, and a lot of the materials are more subtle than the arguments made at SOS.

PETA Kids, it's all about brainwashing the young ones. This website claims to target kids under 13, but what they're really up to is indoctrinating them. They are dressing it up as activism, but let's call a spade a spade.

They have this sneaky scheme to incentivize children to accomplish 12 different "activism goals" to obtain a PETA Kids membership card. They're using rewards to manipulate their innocent minds.


And don't be fooled by their attempt to provide information for parents. It's just another ploy to get the whole family on board with their agenda. They want to influence parents just as much, if not more, than the kids themselves. PETA Kids may claim to be about activism, but it's just about indoctrination.

PETA Kids has a YouTube channel with nearly 16,000 subscribers. Many videos feature celebrities urging children to "speak up" for animal rights or to become vegan. Other video playlists include "Captivity Kills," "Adopt, Don't Stop," anDon'tol Animal Fats."

They want children to hate other human beings and label them as the meanest animals on the earth, WORST THAN LIONS. Watch for yourself:

The PETA Kids website hosts video games with suggestive themes, such as "Peta's Pokemon, Gotta Free' Em All" and "Butcher Goes Vegan." These games are targeted directly at kids. The website also provides resources for parents, including information on how to cook kid-friendly vegan meals and identify "red flags" in the classroom curriculum. Additionally, it features a blog that discusses how petting zoos teach the "wrong lessons about consent."

PETA Little Kids

PETA Little Kids is targeted towards younger children, especially those in pre-K. The platform's content primarily revolves around activities subtly promoting PETA's propaganda, such as coloring book pages and songs. One of the activities involves making a Christmas ornament in the shape of a pig with the phrase "I'm not meat" inscribed on it. Furthermore, PETA Little Kids features remixed nursery rhymes, where the lyrics are modified to convey pro-PETA propaganda:

"Bah Bah, Black sheep, can I have your wool? No sir, no sir, that's not cool." and "Three blind mice, three blind mice. See how they run. See how they run. They all ran after the farmer's wife. They told her 'thank you' for saving their life." and "Pop goes the bubble" instead of Pop goes the weasel.

The conservatives have been in an uproar about the sexual propaganda in classrooms and drag queen storytime in libraries, but will Libs Of TikTok and other conservative influencers call out PETA for what they are doing and highlighting their actions every day? Well, see.

One of the Founders, Ingrid Newkirk, president of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), said in Washingtonian magazine: "A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy." This is what they want to teach your children. Here is the fourth example of how PETA is targeting and indoctrinating children in classrooms with the teachers:

Teach Kind

Teach Kind differs from the previous three groups as it targets children through teachers. The program offers a curriculum teachers can use to teach PETA's principles to students in all grades. PETA has created lesson plans for children as young as pre-kindergarten and as old as grade 12. Most of the lessons involve watching PETA-endorsed documentaries, such as Seaspiracy, to influence children to oppose animal agriculture.

The lessons not only promote PETA's animal liberation agenda but also cover other controversial topics. For instance, one of the lessons is titled "environmental racism in the meat industry." These lessons are biased since PETA included "debate and persuasive argument" lessons that only present arguments supporting animal liberation.

Every year, PETA honors the "Teachers of the Year," who continue to teach young students how to respect and show kindness to all sentient beings, regardless of their species. The previous recipients of this award have been appreciated for using PETA's curriculum in their classrooms. For instance, one teacher made his students participate in a "compassion challenge," the students were ranked based on how much of a vegan diet they pledged to follow, starting with Meatless Mondays and ending with full veganism.

PETA officials have claimed feeding children nutritious meat is "child abuse." They've also stated: "We're at war, and we'll do what we need to win."

Make sure you are subscribed and are a member of Liberty Or Else; we will be exposing the teachers and schools involved in manipulating your children.

You may not want your children to hear this extreme rhetoric, but PETA certainly does. Parents should be aware that PETA is working to groom the next generations of radical activists. Make sure your child isn't one of them.

It's not just PETA that is in on this; it's also our federal government!

Here is a video of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, District 18 Representative, and Houston Mayoral Candidate, advocating for PETA to indoctrinate your children in classrooms across the country:

We will continue to expose the truth about what's going on. Our government is colluding with so-called non-profits to strip us of our natural human rights and is trying to indoctrinate children across the country at every angle they can. It is up to us to think rationally and not with our emotions; we will end up like China and other countries that don't respect our protected human rights. Neither the government nor PETA cares about protecting animals. It's about control. Remember, it's not that diet that is an issue it's the agenda behind it.

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Thank you.

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