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Unmasking the Serpent: Controlling World Population Through Women

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Satan slithered forth, cunningly disguising himself as a serpent to confront Eve. With honeyed words, he tempted her, urging her to defy the divine command and consume the forbidden fruit from the tree of good and evil. Despite Eve's initial hesitation, she found herself enticed by the serpent's pernicious lies.

The allure of godlike wisdom enticed her, blinding her to the dire consequences of her actions. Yielding to her desires, she succumbed and took a fateful bite. Yet, the unfortunate consequences did not end there. Adam, too, fell prey to the serpent's deceit when Eve offered him the tantalizing fruit. Together, they brought forth the inevitable consequences that would forever alter the course of humanity.

As we delved into the depths of old declassified CIA documents, seeking truths from the shadows of the past, a peculiar pattern came to mind. Women, it seemed, are recurring figures in these secretive records. They were considered targets, the vessels of life, bearing the weight of humanity's future within their very bodies. It was a chilling reminder of how Satan himself once focused his wicked plans on the vulnerable female, just as world governments have done throughout history.

How have the international governments and the United States planned to accomplish controlling the world population by using women? To quote them:

“Development policies and programs can be specifically tailored to change the social, cultural, and economic milieu to encourage smaller families, thereby effectively complementing better family planning services and information. The policy options vary widely, but improving the status of women and increasing their basic opportunities is apparently of fundamental importance in lowering fertility. Finally, and most importantly, the types of measures specified in Section II above with regard to leadership direction, community approaches, etc., should help influence decisions for smaller family sizes.”

When has it ever been the government’s role in America to develop policies and programs designed to shape the social, cultural, and economic conditions of individuals in this country, let alone in other countries, especially with the goal of promoting smaller family sizes? A key aspect in reducing fertility rates is enhancing the status of women and increasing their access to basic opportunities.

One of the most crucial factors in their schemes is empowering women and providing them with better opportunities. Their idea is that when women have more control over their lives and can access education and employment, they tend to choose to have smaller families.

Their PURPOSE does not lie in women’s superior brilliance, talent, or capability OR finally recognizing a woman’s worth outside of the home but in their reduced likelihood of contributing to the proliferation of unwanted human beings, as perceived by governments worldwide.

Another example from the same documents stated this:

“In the last analysis, the problem must be resolved by the countries threatened by excessive population growth. Increasingly, these problems are being met through specific measures such as better education and information programs, better outreach of family planning services and supplies, the development of more effective and acceptable means of contraception, changes in laws and policies to support family planning such as delayed marriage, and, most importantly, the improved status of women.

In the past, it was a cultural norm for our grandparents or great-grandparents to marry at a younger age and begin raising their families when females reached the age of childbearing.

However, the government intervened, deeming these traditional practices as criminal, all in pursuit of smaller family sizes and to decrease the time window when women have safer and healthier pregnancies. The documents I'm referring to are dated July 30, 1976, and were approved for release on August 08, 2003. It was only in the 1960s that states began passing marriage laws, setting the presumed age of adulthood at eighteen.

This trend of increasing the minimum marriage age has grown more widespread globally since the 1990s. Furthermore, “child” marriage has garnered significant attention from international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) and multilateral organizations. I’m sure if you start doing so digging on your own, you’ll find these organizations have ties to the World Population Agenda. (And no, I’m not advocating for old fuckers to mess around with children. I am illustrating what the government has done to shape our culture to decrease women having more children in this country.)

This brings us to the future discussions we’ll be covering in the next article of the specific outcomes that each of their policies would achieve, focusing on the pillars listed below:

Population Policy -- Moderately expand research, particularly LDC-based (Least Developed Countries), on linkages between fertility and various aspects of development, particularly including:

  • a) female education of various types and levels;

  • b) female employment;

  • c) health (especially of children);

  • d) nutritional status of women and children;

  • e) incentives/disincentives to encourage smaller families;

  • f) income growth, distribution, and rural development (especially as to food);

  • g) laws and policy statements supporting family planning. Moderately expand measures to bring out the development implications of population growth and the potential for influencing fertility through development programs.

The education and employment bullet points, also the development policies and programs, can be specifically tailored to change the social, cultural, and economic milieu and will be released next in the world population series. If you're new to this series, here is the first article on the topic.

To make sure you don’t miss the next one, make sure you're subscribed to the blog to stay up to date on this crucial content. And just like in the previous article, I highlighted what God said, and I’ll bring it up again because these actions are the complete opposite of what he told his people to do:

“Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

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