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Does The Hot Spring County Sheriff Scott Finkbeiner Use The Drugs He Steals While In Uniform?

“That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.”

The Founders were concerned ultimately with the principles of legitimate government, but those rest on moral principles. And the most basic of those is individual freedom, the equal right of all to pursue happiness as we wish, provided we respect the same right in others. Below are several examples and reasons for people to start paying more attention to the corruption and evil going on in their backyard. We all know the federal government is ridiculously arbitrary. Folks, we have got to clean up our local governments. That isn't going to happen with the same cookie-cutter authoritarian, corrupt politicians.

Arkansas. – Federal officials have confirmed that Scott Finkbeiner, a Republican Sheriff of Hot Spring County, was arrested on Thursday evening—the F.B.I. Little Rock office stated that Finkbeiner was detained on a federal arrest warrant. As per the United States Attorney's Office, Sheriff Derek Scott Finkbeiner of Hot Spring County was charged with one count of obstruction of justice, according to KARK NEWS.

An affidavit obtained on Friday revealed that Finkbeiner had disrupted a federal drug sting operation. The documents indicate that the Sheriff discovered an F.B.I. camera at a confidential informant's residence and confronted local federal agents about their surveillance. Finkbeiner informed them they were monitoring the wrong individuals and then approached the Hot Spring County prosecutor to file a complaint against the F.B.I.'s involvement.

According to the court documents, the Sheriff informed the county prosecutor that he intended to meet with the federal agents. He also mentioned that if unsatisfied with the conversation's outcome, he would advise his informant to avoid speaking with the F.B.I. and exercise their Fifth Amendment right.

The details confirm that Finkbeiner was recorded smoking a meth pipe and making a sexual proposition. Furthermore, his cell phone was tracked in the vicinity on multiple occasions, engaging in unlawful activities, such as using illegal drugs, soliciting sex, and selling methamphetamine. Imagine having the audacity to take on a career that requires you to bust and ruin people's lives over the same vice you share. Just a few weeks ago, another Arkansas Sheriff was busted for drug offenses.

According to phone records, the Sheriff and an unnamed informant had 130 phone calls between January 1 and October 2 of this year. The case will be presented before a grand jury to determine if there will be additional charges against the Sheriff. If found guilty, Finkbeiner could face up to 20 years in prison. The sentence will be determined by a federal district court judge, who will consider the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

Now let's get into what we D.O. know about Scott Finkbeiner besides what the media has reported on because Liberty or Else, Rural Animal Owner Alliance, and the United States Human Defense League have been helping one of Hot Spring County Sheriff's Department's victims of mass corruption. So we've had eyes on this department since March of this year.

Scott Finkbeiner was elected Sheriff in 2022 and was sworn into office this year. He ran his campaign on eliminating corruption and taking on crime, but that doesn't seem to be the case. There have been multiple scandals that have happened under his administration.

After taking office, Finkbeiner garnered attention when two of his deputies were arrested and charged with beating an inmate during transport to another county.

Finkbeiner was involved in a bizarre situation several months ago where he was reported missing by his family and later found in a hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. Taxpayer dollars and man-hours were wasted on him because he wasn't responding to his family or department members. That was kept hush-hush, too, and to my knowledge, it wasn't disclosed why he disappeared and his work vehicle.

Here is the bodycam footage of the Little Rock Police Department looking for him on January 17, 2023:

Earlier this year, Jeff Charles from Red State wrote a narrative about what happened to Jose Barragan. On March 14, 2023, Retired Investigator of Garland County's Sheriff's Department, Angela Graybel, illegally trespassed on Barragan's property. She claimed his 4-week-old puppies had made it to the road, and she was trying to figure out who the owners were so they could be safe. Upon trespassing onto his property, she claims she did like the pen the other two dogs were in, so she called a Humane Society organization and the Hot Springs Sheriff's Department to assist her with stealing Barragan's dogs and some of his roosters.

They were all on the property and loading up his animals when his pregnant wife and daughter came home. He was threatened by Deputy and Elected Republican Constable Micheal Shnaekel that evening, along with another officer believed to be named Cody. Shnaekel is the same person in the video below who lied about his position in the Hot Springs Sheriff's Department. Again, this was all done without a warrant.

The first night, Jose didn't know his Constitutional and Civil Rights. After speaking with Liberty Or Else, RAOA, and the Human Defense League, he was advised of his rights, so on the second day, they came to seize the rest of his roosters; he asked them if they had a warrant, and they told him no, and requested to report that his animals had been stolen. They told him no, and he asked them to leave,

On the third day, they finally brought a warrant, and they stole the rest of their property. Guess who was there helping pack up the animals? Sheriff Derek Scott Finkbeiner. Detective Glen Pye of the Hot Springs Sheriff's Department came back another day and used extortion tactics to try to manipulate Jose into signing a form to abandon his animals to the state. Since Jose refused to sign it, they went from Cruelty to Animals Arkansas A.C.A. 5-62-103 up to two felonies and nine misdemeanors accusing him of cockfighting and dog fighting his lab-wiener mixed dogs.

It sure sounds like Hot Springs County used extortion to me. Perhaps Finkbeiner is covering for Shnaekel as Mike did for him earlier this year because why lie about your title after your Sheriff buddy goes missing for over 24 hours?

What also caught my eye was that the F.B.I. stated in their affidavit that Finkbeiner had helped them in the past, but during his campaign, he claimed to have zero law enforcement experience. So, why was he working with the feds?

"Prior to and since taking the office of Hot Spring County Sheriff, FINKBEINER provided information to and worked with the FBI on multiple federal investigations with open and active grand jury files. FINKBEINER is familiar with the federal investigative process and has observed and participated in the service of federal grand jury subpoenas and the execution of federal search warrants in Hot Spring County. Additionally, on one occasion, FINKBEINER was acutely aware of the deployment and operation of an FBI pole camera for a federal investigation with an ongoing grand jury file."

I also saw Derek Scott Finkbeiner's name in other cases before he was a Sheriff being subpoenaed to be a witness on behalf of the state. Here is one, for example, that might make you wonder about who Scott really was before running for office, doesn't it? Was he a snitch or an informant? And why?

In response to the allegations, Sheriff Scott Finkbeiner released a statement on Monday afternoon which said," I want to start by saying please pray for my family and friends! This has been a nightmare for all of us. We are working on my legal defense and I have been advised by legal counsel to not discuss my case until the appropriate time. However, I do want to emphatically say I did not obstruct justice in any way! In fact, it is the contrary. Thank you for the huge outpouring of support! It's my hope that you can all come to the trial and see the truth! I will discuss more at a later date."

As of November 6, Finkbeiner has not resigned from his position as sheriff as he should.

A grand jury will later listen to the case's evidence and determine whether additional criminal charges will be filed against Finkbeiner.

A federal district court judge will then determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

Support our work and help us take down this Sheriff's Department that illegally targets innocent people. Help keep them from stealing from another person again. They need to pay for what they did to Jose and many others. Email to report corruption in your local area and become a member today to join us in this fight.

If you believe in the mission of Liberty Or Else and would like to help us continue our fight for liberty and spread our message, please consider making a voluntary monthly contribution.

Thank you.

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